Get the most from your marketing efforts

Small business owners need to regularly seek to expand their reach and broaden their potential customer base. However, most small to mid-sized businesses lack the robust budgets necessary to launch comprehensive advertising campaigns. This means having to think creatively, and using cost-efficient tools to make sure your organization sees a healthy return on investment for its marketing endeavors. 

Foremost, small to mid-sized businesses need to clearly define their marketing strategy to ensure that their marketing collateral appeals to their target audience. Discuss with your team the message and attitude you want your business to convey, and make sure everyone that represents your organization is on board and knows the ideal "brand identity" you hope to portray to customers or clients. 

For those with modest marketing budgets, establishing a presence on social media can be a great way to move up in search rankings as well as forge stronger customer relationships. With this strategy, it is important to avoid giving your audience the same information they would receive from advertisements or traditional media, and instead attempt to create an emotional attachment to your organization. This can be accomplished by sharing the "fun" side of your business, from employee bios to creating online contests for your products or services. Be sure to check out our Social Channels which can be found at the top right of our website.

With this strategy, it is also important to respond to all consumer feedback, both positive and negative. Let customers who wanted to share a positive experience know that you are glad they were satisfied, and for any negative concerns or comments, make an effort to understand what went wrong and explain that you are working to correct the issue. 

If you need a great place to gather your team and discuss how your organization will present itself to its target audience, consider On Point Executive Center's Tampa meeting rooms. Our waterfront location will help to unlock your team's creativity, and meeting minutes and notes can be shared instantly on our new 70-inch HD touch screen smartboard.

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