Executive Suites

Full-time offices overlooking the beautiful Tampa Bay

Virtual Offices

Technically, your office is wherever you are.

We help small business owners afford all of the luxuries of a large corporate entity. By utilitzing our shared virtual office services you can have full access to these amenities when you need them and pay only when you use them. 

With gorgeous water views and a full suite of on-demand professional services. On Point Executive Center is committed to playing a key role in helping your business grow. Now that's #onpoint!

I love On Point Executive Center. Wasn’t sure about using a Virtual Office, or Virtual Assistants, but am so glad I gave it a try. I am spending 1/4 the $$ on a full spectrum of services – available on demand, and as needed. My overhead is low, and the support is five star! Great staff, love the waterfront conference rooms, love the services. Will never go back to having a full time office again. Best kept secret in Tampa! Tampa Virtual office? Go with On Point.

Mallory Hodge

On Point Executive Center is the perfect space for your business needs – virtual office, conference rooms available for meetings, mailbox, live receptionist and plenty more. The location is ideally located at beautiful Rocky Point – great for quick access to destinations in Tampa and Pinellas, including airports. The staff is super professional and a pleasure to work with.

Dean Vallejo

One of my favorite things about On Point Executive Center is the Professionalism of the staff and their willingness to find solutions to serve your business. They really take the care to make solutions for business owners to take the stress and the hassle away so that you can do what you are really good at. Great place to use your address, have your phone calls answered and screened and to use the beautiful waterfront office rooms! Highly recommend. Thanks for a GREAT experience!

Jenny Olding

It has been a TRUE pleasure working with the staff at On Point! They have helped our new start up tremendously! Thanks to their expertise we have gotten up and running in 1/4 of the time it would have taken us to figure out all the steps on our own. Great staff, great location, easy to work with! Truly ON POINT! Scared of trying virtual office? Don’t be with these guys.

Brigitte Hodge

If you are looking for virtual office services in the Tampa area, look no further! I can honestly say this is a wonderful company from the ground up. Committed to excellence and integrity, their experienced staff will project the image you want to further your business. They can customize any package to accommodate your business needs. So whether you are looking to hire an executive assistant to greet your callers or you need an executive suite to meet with your clients, they will exceed your expectations. Call for a free tour…you won’t be sorry you did!

Lauren Farnsworth

I have been very impressed with the professionalism and quality of the staff, and the services. The team goes out of their way to get accomplished what their customers need to get accomplished. In this day and age of ‘what’s in it for me,’ On Point Executive Center is the polar opposite – delivering the best professional business services in the Tampa Bay area and representing my company as well or better than full time employees would. Obviously, I highly recommend On Point for anyone looking for office space, receptionist services and virtual business services.

Art Fyvolent

Never did I imagine that I could vacation in Europe – travel to five different countries – and still maintain my professional image and high level of customer service. Fortunately, despite radical time differences, irregular travel and touring schedules, meals, and the desire to enjoy my family and surroundings, On Point Executive Center made my vacation more like a vacation and less like working somewhere else. With my short script and their well-refined screening and messaging services, the On Point team earned my complete trust for any future travel or time where I am otherwise inaccessible. I didn’t miss a call, and I didn’t lose any business while I was gone. It was truly a virtual office experience, and I recommend it for any business owner who wants to have a “real” vacation.

Jim Heidelberg

Gorgeous location along the water, with excellent staff, who are professional and friendly. A great place to start business with.

Julissa Orsini