5 Business Uses for your Tablet or Smart Phone

Your phone is not just for texting, facebooking and making calls. If that is all you are using it for, you’re doing it wrong! Here are 5 business uses for your tablet or smart phone you may or may not have thought of.

  • It’s great for reminders of important action items– iPhones, iPads, tablets and Droids all come with calendars as well as alarms that can alert you to remember things you’ve written in your calendar. Just plug in your to-do list items as appointments so you won’t forget them. If you don’t like the calendar app your phone came with search for one you prefer in your system’s app store.
  • It’s a credit card processor – Gone are the days when you needed a credit card machine thanks to apps like Square, PayPal Payments, and Intuit GoPayment. Both platforms will even send you a free card reader that you can plug into your tablet or Smartphone to swipe cards on for ease of use. Then, the money can be deposited directly into your bank account, you can give your client what they bought and everybody’s happy.

5 Business Uses for your Tablet or Smart Phone - ereader

  • It’s a mobile book reader – There are so many amazing business books you can download and read instantly on your tablet. In fact, we just recently posted 5 Must-Have Business Books for Entrepreneurs that are all available as digital downloads via Amazon Kindle’s reading app. Even Karen Gillman, our amazing Vice President of sales and marketing here at On Point has written a book that is available for download. Check it out here! Other reading apps available for your tablet or smart phone include the Nook reading app by Barnes and Noble, Reader Plus by Age of Mobile and Ebook Reader by eBooks.com. Of course, there are several others, but these are the most popular.
  • It’s a source of inspiration – Need a boost of positivity in your day to help you power through those long hours? You can download a happiness app for those much needed sources of inspiration. For example, Happify gives a “series of activities and games that train your brain and build skills for lasting happiness.”
  • It’s a productivity enhancer – Using an app like the Pomodoro Challenge Timer for Android or the Pomodoro Timer for iPhone could be the key to productivity you are looking for. The idea is that if you have a timer with one task allotted for one period of time you will be more productive simply because there is a countdown involved. Learn more about the Pomodoro technique here.

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