World Kindness Day is This Friday 11-13-15

National Random Act of Kindess Day isn’t until February 2016, but this Friday November 13, 2015 is World Kindness Day. According to the site daysoftheyear.com “Kindness Day was born when a collection of humanitarian groups came together on November 13, 1997 and made a ‘Declaration of Kindness’. Likewise, on Kindness Day everyone is encouraged to make a similar declaration. Donating books, food or clothes to your local community is a great way to celebrate. However, pledging to commit just one act of kindness is no less worthwhile: hold the door open for a stranger, compliment your neighbour on their collection of garden gnomes, let your partner have control of the TV remote for the evening.”

Because we’re all about everything kindness here at On Point Executive Center, we couldn’t resist celebrating this worldwide holiday by getting a couple of quotes about kindness in business from two of our local business owners.

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We first checked in with the appropriately named RAOK Boutique of Plant City, Florida and Brigitte, the owner, and her daughter Hannah chimed in with this lovely quote:

When we think of why you should be kind in your business, we honestly think, why not? Only good things come when you’re kind in your business. We named our business RAOK after ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ because we want to bless people through Random Acts Of Kindness on a daily basis. You never know what that person is going through. We are a reflection of our business and we want to be kind, positive, and uplifting by helping people remember it’s really all about them.”

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We also checked in with Jodi Avery, Real Estate Consultant / Broker-Associate at Keller Williams Realty. She had this to say about her take on kindness in business:

One of my favorite kindness quotes is from Mother Teresa, ‘Let no on ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God’s kindness: kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile.’ That is the motto of how I run my Real Estate business as well as my life.”

Now it’s your turn. Think about acts of kindness you can do in honor of World Kindness Day. Let us know on our facebook page what you did to celebrate and it might just end up in our post of ideas for National Random Act of Kindness Day in February!

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