With soft launch of bike share program, Tampa to expand bike lanes

Some experts describe its lack of public transportation as one of Tampa's biggest hurdles to attract new commercial activity, so boosting accessibility to bicycles for a low rate is a considerable step toward making Tampa more navigable without a car. In recent elections, transportation initiatives have failed to gain the support of voters who experts say fear the possible tax increases that could come as a result of building new infrastructure. 

Tampa has embraced the potential of the healthy, energy-efficient transportation program by planning the expansion of bike lanes on Cleveland and Pratt Streets. This month, resurfacing projects on the major roads will introduce 5-foot bike lanes with a striped, 3-foot buffer to protect cyclists riding alongside passenger vehicles. According to the Tampa Tribune, the redevelopment will cost $2.4 million and gets underway this month. 

"It's a great thing for people already biking and people that have been curious about it," Kevin Craft, owner of City Bike Tampa, told the newspaper. "More bikes on the road make the streets safer. It helps get people thinking about cyclists and hopefully creates a little bit [of] accountability within the driver and the cyclists."

Overall, providing accommodation to cyclists will benefit commuters in Tampa: Whether citizens don't own a bike or are hesitant to ride in traffic, these developments might prompt many to think again about cycling to their office space in Tampa

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