WIFI Everywhere with Karma

What do you do when you absolutely have to have WIFI, even when you are cruising to the remote wilderness of Alaska? You get yourself some Karma!

Use Karma Go to stay connected. The Karma Go is a compact and lightweight (2.3 ounces) device that tucks easily into your bag or pocket. Karma Go turns an LTE signal into a personal WIFI signal. Once you have your Karma Go device, you can select from one of their easy no contract, pay-as-you-go or monthly subscription data plans.

It is easy to manage the Karma Go and my subscription plan through their mobile app. The mobile app is available on iOS  and Android. You can do all these things through the mobile app:

  • Check Signal and battery life
  • Monitor data balance
  • Add more data in seconds
  • View who you’re sharing your WIFI with
  • See data usage in real time

Your laptop, tablet, and phone wirelessly connect to Karma Go within about 100 feet and can support up to 8 connections.  

You can get rewarded for sharing your good Karma. Karma allows you to earn data when you share WIFI. When others connect to your Karma Go you get free data. Learn more about sharing Karma Go. 

I highly recommend the personal WIFI service by Karma for your next adventure.

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