Why You Should Do Videos On YouTube

If you’re a virtual business owner who has yet to decide whether or not to do videos on YouTube, this article may may help you finally come to a final decision. First, let’s consider the analogy that a picture is worth 1,000 words. By that logic, a YouTube video is worth even more.

Why Should Yo Do Videos On YouTube 2

Still not convinced? Check out these statistics:

– Youtube is the third most visited online platform, it has over one billion visitors per month

– 70 percent of marketers report that videos have the best conversion rate – Forbes

– 92 percent of people who watch a video through their mobile phone will share it -Invodo

– When a business includes a video in an email to a client, the video click increases by 200-300 percent- Forrester

– The value of one-minute video is 1.8 million words – Forrester

These statistics make a pretty strong case from where we’re sitting on why entrepreneurs should be doing YouTube Videos. Loading videos is a great way to show off your expertise, your products and services, show your behind the scenes and so much more!

Even More Proof You NEED to be on Youtube

1. Tap into the Massive YouTube Traffic

Recent statistics indicates that 4 billion videos are watched daily. YouTube is in the 3rd position, according to traffic, behind Facebook and Google. Each month, over 1 billion people visit YouTube.

2. Delivery is easy and free

Compared to preparing marketing materials to each of your customers, reaching them through a YouTube video is much easier and cheaper to do. It is possible to drive traffic from all your social media platforms, through a link to watch your YouTube video. And, preparing a YouTube is also simple. With just a camera phone, any entrepreneur can make a YouTube video.

3. Accessibility

Accessing YouTube is now much easier. It is accessible by tablet, desktop, laptop and mobile phone, making it possible for anyone to watch your YouTube video anytime, anywhere. It also doesn’t hurt that through YouTube videos an entrepreneur can improve his SEO ranking.

4. Subscribers notification

YouTube allows people to create their channel. All potential customers you attract can subscribe to your channel. Then, when you post a new video, they are all notified without you having to do a thing!

5. Generate traffic to your website

When making a YouTube video, information about your business can be written into your channel’s “about” area. You can also load this information into each video’s description. Interested clients can then follow the provided links to your website, making them potential clients.

In conclusion, there are many benefits, of making YouTube videos- more than we can cover in one post. With some high quality content, well-packaged messages and promotion of your channel, you could position your brand as an authority in your industry in no time! So, what are you waiting for? Get filming!

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