Why You Should Attend a Business Conference

In a virtual business face to face interaction can easily become nearly non-existent. Sure, you can schedule meetings and luncheons for some human contact, but you should also make a point of attending business conferences in your business’s niche.

It gets you out of your comfort zone. There is a saying that out of your comfort zone is where the magic happens. When we work from home it is so simple to slip into the most comfortable of comfort zones, but it’s not always easy to grow and expand your business from there.

You’ll meet new like-minded people. Feeling like you are not alone in your business is huge! Meeting people that are going through the very some struggles that you are not only can make you feel better, it could also present new ideas to you of how to handle your business.

There is a large chance you will learn something new. More often than not business conferences include classes on the very subjects you need to learn about. Sometimes the classes are generic teaching things you already know, but other times they go deep and teach you incredibly valuable lessons.

Your next business opportunity could be waiting at the conference. At many conferences there are vendors and advertisers pitching products, but in some rare cases they are looking to partner with business owners in a way that makes both them and the business owner money. If not a vendor, you could potentially meet a competitor who simply can’t handle all the business they are getting and you could work out a deal with them to take some of the workload off of them. Your next paycheck could very well come as a result of meeting someone at the conference you attend.

The media might be there. A great way to potentially get your business mentioned in the news is to meet the press and what better way to do that than hang out where they are? Get the contact for any industry magazines/newspapers that cover your business’s niche that will be at the conference. You can usually find them listed as media sponsors on your conference’s website or marketing materials.

Bottom line- if your business industry is having a conference that you might be able to attend, try and attend it. You never know where these connections could take you.

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