Why Virtual Business Owners Need Sales Funnels

A sales funnel in its most simplistic sense is the steps of taking someone who visits your website from the first step of merely visiting the site to the moment they become a customer. Why do you need a good sales funnel for working virtually? Essentially you need a sales funnel because it takes the guess work and the manual hunting out of selling. Sure, you still have to promote your company, but instead of just gathering a bunch of random leads the goal of a sales funnel is to get qualified leads allowing your products and services to virtually sell themselves.

A sales funnel looks a little like this:

What is a Sales Funnel

Let’s say you went through the trouble of creating an amazing website filled with stunning content. The site should also explain everything you sell whether it’s products or services. Make this 100% clear to your visitors through informative descriptions, frequently asked questions and if necessary demos and testimonials.

Then, somewhere on your site you should include an opt- in form to allow your visitors to learn even more about your products and services. Next, you will send either a sales pitch or survey to gauge the level of interest and the responses will provide you with qualified leads. Now, instead of having to schedule a bunch of meetings with people who might not be interested, you can schedule with people who have already shown an active interest in your product or service.

Sales funnels save you time by helping you sift through the countless possible customers. They save you money because time is money and they make you money because they allow your products and services to virtually sell themselves! Every business owner could benefit from a sales funnel in their business!

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