Why marketing matters to small and mid-sized businesses

Nowadays, there are so many small businesses and startups in Florida, it's hard to keep track of all of them. These entrepreneurs come from many parts of the state, but the goal is the same: make a consistent living and try to make a profit.

"An early action in getting profits is to find marketing ideas that get the attention of your ideal client," says Telly-award-winning consultant, David C. Sanders, CEO of Creative Business Strategies. "I recently did a short video at On Point Executive Center where I give some inexpensive, innovative approaches which give a company a major leg up in generating business."

Business owners who take the time to slowly build the foundation and create goods or services that are valuable to the targeted audience will find themselves in a stronger place than an entrepreneur who has a dream to own their own organization.

"I've seen many small business owners make foolish mistakes that come back to haunt them as they try to grow their companies," Fox Business contributor Rohit Arora wrote. "Sometimes the errors that occur during the startup phase of a company's life cycle will haunt it for a long time."

One of the biggest mistakes Arora highlighted was failing to leverage marketing. It doesn't matter how good the business owner is at his or her craft – if the targeted audience has no idea that the company is a readily available option, the organization won't get the customers it needs to generate revenue.

Marketing is a cost-effective way to get the word out if business owners leverage both print and digital tactics.

Whether it be on social media, email or mobile, each medium has significantly grown in recent years, and now many business pages have administrative sections where entrepreneurs have metrics to determine what is effective and what isn't, the Taunton Gazette explained.

Once a company's online and localized presence is there, customers who are in need of specific goods and services will find a way to reach out. For business owners who are constantly on the go meeting with prospective clients and aren't able to respond to these messages, virtual office services have receptionists who can schedule appointments and place orders for you.

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