Why Harmony is Better Than Balance for Entrepreneurs

When it comes to managing your entrepreneur life, most people recommend that you look for balance.

However, the mere thought of perfect balance can seem impossible and often overwhelming to some. Attempting balance can actually create more stress rather than offer a viable solution. Could a mind shift offer the solution? It may be time to start thinking about harmony versus balance.  As we all know, working virtually requires a steadfast commitment to harmonizing your schedule!

If you’re a busy entrepreneur, juggling the demands of family, self-care, and business, you know all about the pressures of work life balance. Moving your business forward, without burning out can seem like an impossible task, especially when most entrepreneurs statistically lean more towards work. In a recent blog article by Techstars, founder Brad Feld offers his thoughts on how important it is to find harmony over balance.

The reason I like to use the word ‘harmony’ instead of balance is that if you think about improv jazz, it approximates how a startup works. You don’t have a predetermined set of things that you’re going to be playing. You’re working with a group of people, your team, and things are changing constantly.

This mind shift may be key in achieving a peaceful coexistence of your work life and personal life. There are simply times when work will play a larger role in your life, and other times where family and self are your focus. Things are constantly changing. You have to learn to go with the ebb and flow.

The ability to be flexible and adaptive by striving for harmony versus balance is so much more powerful. There is no measurement.

Brad Feld

Oftentimes things are simply not within our control. Stuff happens. But learning how to adjust to these changes is where we as entrepreneurs can truly find some zen in our lives.

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