What your Virtual Business Needs to be a Vendor at an Expo

At some point or another you may decide that being a vendor at a trade show or an expo is a good way to promote your company. Whichever trade show you choose to do, being ready entails a lot of preparation and planning. Here are just a few things you should consider to get the best results at your next expo:

1. Raw Space and Booths

At an expo you will either buy a booth package that has walls in place or you will rent a raw “open”
space. Mostly, raw spaces are preferable for vendors who own custom-built booths. Be sure to reserve in advance since booth space is always limited. If a fee is involved, settle it quickly as failure to pay by deadline could result in the revocation of your space. Designing a portable booth could take a couple of months, so start planning as soon as possible. Need help with portable signs or pull up banners? Call our friend Kathy Collier with MinuteMan Press Town and Country.

LAS VEGAS, NV - April 15: Compix broadcast graphics booth at NAB

2. Booth Decorations

Whether you have a custom booth design or are building your own, you might want to consider covering the walls with some drapes or other fabric to create a more polished look. This will make your booth stand out without stretching your budget too far

Make sure your logo is visible in some way and is large enough to be seen from a significant distance. logo is big enough and visible from a far distance. Keep clutter to a minimum, use captivating graphics and some vendors even use balloons or flashing lights to capture people’s attention.

Need some inspiration for how to decorate? Check out this board on Pinterest!

3. Brochures and Marketing Materials

Bring enough marketing collateral so that everyone who wants to take home information about your company can do so. You can also consider offering some giveaways to draw attention to your booth and add a sense of some fun. The giveaways do not have to be expensive.

Photoshow Rome 2012

4. Bring Along Temp Workers/ Employees or Volunteers

Bring extra people to work the booth with you. It’s always a good idea to have at least two people at the booth in case someone needs to talk to a client or take a bathroom break.

5. Demo Materials and Samples as Well as Testimonials

For simple demos, you can use laptops and flat-screen monitors since they are space-efficient. You should also design PowerPoint presentations and other demos for your booth.

Hello My Name Is

6. Name Tag

It’s always a good idea to have a name tag on so that people do not feel uncomfortable asking for your name a second and third time.

7. Good Lighting

Some booths may be dark inside due to too much stuffing or the color of the booth walls, therefore, be sure to carry some extra lighting to ensure your station remains bright and inviting.

We hope this post gives you some good ideas for the next trade show or expo you advertise your business in. Be professional, be informative, but most importantly, make awesome connections and have fun!

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