What the founder of Pinterest did to make their start-up a go!

Popular social media site Pinterest now has 70 million users worldwide.  Pinterest, an online Pinboard that lets you organize and share things you love. It also just happens to be one of the fastest growing website in the world with more than 5MM active monthly users, and doubling in growth almost every month.

At first, Pinterest’s community was so small that cofounder Ben Silberman personally wrote to the first 7,000 people who joined the site to ask them what they thought about it.

Today, he attributes Pinterest’s usefulness to collecting so much input and feedback from the users.

Why do we love this fun-fact so much?
1) We LOVE Pinterest!
2)  We LOVE a personal written note.
3) We LOVE true stories that share just what it takes behind the scenes to make a company a go!
Now thats #onpoint!

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