What organizations can learn from the now infamous Comcast customer service call

As the recording of a Comcast customer service call has gone viral, many organizations are learning the importance of having staff with customer service phone skills. For those who have not heard, a customer called to cancel his service, and was berated with questions for eight minutes before the Comcast employee finally agreed to his request. 

In Comcast's defense, the company has released a statement denouncing the employee's actions and claiming that it is "very embarrassed" by the employee's behavior. However, now that millions have heard the recording, the apology could be too little, too late. 

Leadership at an organization that commonly communicates with clients or customers over the phone needs to stress to their employees the importance of professional phone etiquette. Presenting an accommodating and business-appropriate image over the phone is important for building relationships and rapport with those who support your organization. 

Understanding that personal attitude can have a significant impact on tone of voice is the first step to providing excellent phone service. Organizational culture can have an impact on employee attitude, so leadership should be conscious of how the environment they provide can affect the level of service their clients will experience. 

Employees who are engaged and satisfied with their work will be better able to please callers, while those who have a negative attitude can represent a threat to client retention. Having employees who are excited about your organization, products and services can translate into increased caller satisfaction, as well as a more enjoyable phone experience for both parties. 

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