What Does it Mean to Love your Job?

Everyone has heard the phase “it’s not work if you are doing something you love”. In theory, this makes sense. Don’t you wish you could get paid for doing something you loved, whether that was reading, watching movies, or playing an instrument? Unfortunately, most of us can’t earn a living off one of our hobbies but you can learn to love your job in a similar way.

Research has shown positive correlations between loving your job and job satisfaction and engagement. This also means that people who love their job are likely to have higher levels of happiness at work. Happiness at work can then translate to a higher overall life happiness level. But what exactly does it mean to love your job?

Sternberg’s 1986 “triangular” theory of love says that your love for something is made up of three components: passion, commitment, and connectedness. Passion for your work relates to how absorbed you can get in your work tasks. It also goes further and includes positive emotional and attitudinal components which create a longing for your work. Not many people dread doing something they love. A good example is professional musicians, who often get lost in their music. If you have passion for something you love, everything else slips away.

Commitment represents how much you wish to stay with a particular organization or even profession. If you have other professional options but you choose to stay where you are, that shows a high level of commitment. The more passion you have for the job you are doing, the more committed you will want to be towards it.

Connectedness refers to relationships at work, especially those that are based on trust and provide you with a support system. Good relationships at work facilitate emotional support, feedback and friendship at work. These types of relationships help buffer stress and help you get through any tough times.

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