Ways to Thank Your Customers for their Business

There’s something magical about the phrase “Thank You!” It’s such a simple phrase, just two words long and yet being on the receiving end of this phrase can often leave a person with warm fuzzies in their heart. When we do business with someone it’s important to say thank you to let our clients know that we truly appreciate the fact they worked with us even though they did have other choices. Because of this we thought we would offer up a few ideas you can use to thank your customers for their business.

Write a note.

 We’re not talking an email either. When is the last time you received a handwritten, genuine thank you note? How did it make you feel? Appreciated? (shameless plug) Did you know that if you’re too busy to write your own notes you can outsource the task to your assistants here at On Point Executive Center? Read about this and our other services here.

Offer a surprise freebie.

If you have written an eBook or created a video teaching something useful that your client base would want to know, send it to them when they work with you. An unexpected gift is always a nice surprise.

Send a gift card for coffee.

If your profit margin allows for small tokens like a $5 gift card to a coffee shop, send them one when your customer purchases a service/product.

Give them a shout out on social media.

Not only are you publicly thanking them, you are also getting your name out to their social media audience.

Throw a party and invite your regulars.

If feasible location wise, throw some kind of shindig and invite your most loyal customers as your special guests.

Host a free class that is invite only.

You can do this one digitally via Google Hangouts or even Periscope. Invite your VIPs to a special class that you teach live and include a Q&A session.

Invite them to attend an event with you.

You get invited to events all the time! The next time you see a gala, lunch & learn or networking mixer make the effort to invite them to join you and be sure to pick up the price of their ticket.

Holiday Thanks.

With the holidays right around the corner, be sure to stock up on items appropriate for men and women of all ages. You never know when you are going to need a little ‘thank you’.

Hopefully this post got you to thinking about fun ways you can thank your loyal customers. You don’t have to spend a lot of time or money, just let them know you appreciate them!

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