Want a more productive office? Lean into (natural) light

At On Point Executive Center, our waterfront views make it easy to open the blinds and let the light in. Whether your office is on a stunning vista overlooking the water or a bustling city street, evidence shows that embracing natural light as part of office design can boost employee productivity. According to a study from Northwestern University, workers in offices that received more natural light were more alert on the job, and the difference comes down to sleep. 

Absorbing more natural light throughout the day added 46 minutes of sleep to the average night, according to the research. Exposure to rays of sunshine stabilizes and enhances circadian rhythms, which boosts energy and alertness. 

"Harsh lighting and dim lighting are equally detrimental to the productivity of your workers, and, by opting instead for more natural lighting or other lighting systems that have been proven effective, you stand to not only save energy but also increase productivity among your business's employees," explains Andrew Jenson, a business efficiency consultant.

Using mirrors to reflect light can open up a space, make it appear larger and multiply the amount of natural light it receives from windows. Not every office is fortunate to have walls of windows facing direct sunlight during the day, but the key is working with what you have. For light fixtures, bare fluorescent light is an enemy of style and comfort. Investing in lampshades for floor and desk lamps can help temper the harsh white light of compact fluorescent bulbs, allowing you to save on energy and replacement without the drab consequences.

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