The Trouble with Clutter in your Home Office

When your home office is cluttered several things happen. First, you get distracted by the clutter. Second, you don’t know where anything is so you waste a lot of time looking for things or worse you find yourself buying office supplies over and over again because you can’t find the seventh pair of scissors you just know you bought. Or perhaps you can’t find that document so you print it again even though you’re sure you already printed it causing you to waste ink and paper. Finally, you lose your creative juices because sitting in a clutter spaces blocks them from flowing. Now that you know the problem with clutter in your home office, what can you do about it?

Step 1: Remove everything but the essentials from your office – Most grocery stores have a specific day that they get rid of their boxes from new shipments. Call your local store and find out what day that is and see if you can collect some free boxes. Then, take everything but the bare essentials from your office and put them in boxes and get them out of the room.

Step 2: Start small – If your clutter situation is like most people then you have already let it get significantly out of control and the thought of going through everything overwhelms you. Since you have already taken everything out though and put it all in boxes you can slowly clean out one box at a time. Create three piles – trash, keep and donate. Then, over the next few weeks or months clean out as much or as little of each box as you can. Take your time so it isn’t overwhelming.

Step 3: Organize things as you take them back into the office – Create a home for every item that you are bringing back into your space. If you notice that you already have a particular item when you walk a duplicate back in pick the one you like the most and trash or donate the other. The same goes for duplicate papers- if you have more than one of the same documents trash the duplicate. Even better? Scan the document and file it into a folder on your computer getting rid of the physical copy completely. Name the document something searchable so that you won’t worry about where it is too.

Step 4: Organize all new stuff coming in – Don’t let the clutter habit continue with new stuff you are bringing into your office. As you create homes for things you will know where new things belong.

If you don’t have time to clean right now, but need to escape the distraction of your clutter check out our recent post Leave The Spring Cleaning to Us!

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