The Trouble with Auto Attendants as Receptionists

One of the most common complaints amongst customers that call in to companies is that they don’t want an auto attendant or a robot answering their calls. When looking to spend money live and pleasant human interaction could be the difference between making the sale vs. losing it and making one sale vs. making lots of sales. Still not convinced you need a live receptionist? Consider this:

Auto attendants are a bad first impression. If this is the first time your potential customer has phoned you and they are greeted by an auto attendant you have lost a prime opportunity to give them a great first impression and a warm and friendly greeting. How your customer feels about your business may have just gone down a few points leaving them less likely to buy now or again in the future.

Auto attendants lead to hang ups. According to a survey from American Express, 67% of customers have hung up the phone out of frustration they could not talk to a real person. Worse than that is that Kissmetrics found that 34% of the people that hang up are unlikely to call back.

Tampa Bay wedding planner Vicki Beachangel of Beachangels Weddings said, “My brides can’t stand to get an answering machine or a robot answering their calls when searching for photographers, DJs, caterers, etc… If they can’t talk directly to a person they are more likely to go with an alternate vendor.”

This scenario is likely in any business. If you can’t pick up the phone it’s better to have someone at least explain why and that you will get back to them promptly. At On Point we not only answer your calls live, we also offer custom holiday or event greetings. How would you like your callers to hear one of these greetings when they call your business line?

  • Merry Christmas and thank you for calling the Law Office of *****.
  • Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for calling Event Planners USA. How may I assist you?
  • May I assist you with an RSVP for our upcoming seminar on ***?
  • Are we friends on Facebook yet? Oh, and thanks for calling? How may I assist you?

Call (813) 350-7800 and sign up for your custom greeting by our professional receptionists today.

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