Trick or Treat? 5 Treats You Can Use in Your Virtual Business


We’ve given you some tricks, so we thought it was time for some treats! Here are 5 FREE treats you can use in your virtual business:

1. Canva – Not only can you use Canva to do your very own graphic design you can also learn graphic design for free on their design school blog! Check out the free lessons in things like symmetry, best colors for branding and so much more by clicking HERE. Of course, you can buy some of their extras, but with as many amazing free tools on the site there’s no telling what kind of creations you can put together for your business.

2. The Skimm – What is The Skimm? Consider it the Reader’s Digest version for daily headlines. These folks read the big stories and major headlines and give you a short and quick read so that you can stay up to date with all the chatter without having to read it all. If there’s a particularly juicy topic in the news, The Skimm most likely has condensed it into a quick and easy guide for you to, well, skim. Check out their Skimm Guides here.

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3. Magisto – This app which is available on iOS, Android and PC allows you to upload and edit short video clips quickly and easily. They have a paid, premium and pro version. Simply load a clip, choose a theme, grab a piece of music and they package it up with a virtual bow like magic for you to use anywhere.

4. Survey Monkey – Have you been looking for an easy way to poll your audience about a new product or service? Enter Survey Monkey. You can create polls for anything and everything. As of October 2015 you can survey up to 100 people with 10 questions for FREE! What a perfect treat if you’re just starting out.

5. Makerbook – This is a fabulous hub for creatives because it gives you access to a bunch of different free platforms for a variety of things in one spot. Need free music for your videos on your website? Get some here! Looking for free photos for your content? Makerbook has you covered. Want an array of free fonts you can download? Yep, they’ve got those too. Look at you getting all creative with your virtual business!

There you have it! 5 free treats for you this Halloween. Although, here’s an extra treat- you can use them ALL YEAR! May you and yours have a safe and Happy Halloween from On Point Executive Center!

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