Tips for successful video conferencing

For professionals working from home, a wide variety of options exist to keep them in the loop and make staying in contact with coworkers and management simple and effective. One preferred method is video conferencing, because it provides individuals in two distinct locations with many of the same benefits as an in-person meeting.

However, as with all new forms of communication, there are some questions of etiquette that should be addressed. Emily Post, a long standing authority on professionalism and etiquette, recently laid out some of the simple ground rules on her blog

The article's first and foremost suggestion for successful video conferencing is preparation. Both parties should have tested their equipment in advance, be familiar with its use and have basic troubleshooting knowledge. It should also be understood ahead of time who will be participating in the conference, and Post suggests having a contingency plan in case of technical failure outside of personal control. On Point chooses BlueJeans.com as their preferred video conferencing vendor, for their reliability and ease of use. 

Many of the rules of conventional meetings also apply to the virtual realm. Participants should be dressed appropriately, as they would be in an in-person meeting, and should avoid making excess noise during the conference, such as rustling papers or having music playing.

According to Post, all employees involved should ensure that the location they have chosen has sufficient lighting for them to be clearly seen by other participants. They should also avoid speaking too closely to the microphone, as it can be difficult for other parties to adjust their volumes, especially if there are more than two active parties. 

Of course, even with these advances in technology, there still remains times when a face-to-face meeting would prove more beneficial. For professionals in the Sunshine state, On Point Executive Center offers Tampa meeting rooms available to rent at competitive rates. On Point also offers virtual office services that can enable work-from-home professionals to remain in constant contact while retaining a professional image for their organization. 

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