Tips for running a great virtual meeting

Virtual meetings have emerged as a preferred means of getting a team in separate locations together to brainstorm or share information. With the proper use of technology such as Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting or our own favorite, BlueJeans.com, virtual meetings can be cost-efficient and productive. 

As most are aware, it can be difficult to get full attendance at a physical meeting, especially when many members have to travel or sacrifice other commitments. Virtual meetings allow professionals to contribute to group discussions they otherwise would not be able to attend, and can save costly travel expenses.

But this doesn't mean that virtual meetings don't have their challenges. It can often be difficult to pick up on facial cues and body language, and if any party is having issues with internet connectivity, then there could be a delay in response. 

To make sure that everything runs smoothly, a virtual meeting requires just as much preparation as a physical conference. All attending members should be sent any collateral necessary for the meeting well in advance, so they have an opportunity to review before entering the discussion. Just like a physical meeting, an agenda should be drafted that let all attendees know the start and end times, as well as the topics of discussion and the goals of the meeting. 

It is also often helpful to ensure that all parties are comfortable with the technology before the scheduled start time. Even if it is not possible to physically teach them the use of the software, sending a link to a tutorial video on YouTube or giving them ample to time to become accustomed can help avoid any roadblocks right before the meeting. 

Of course, when possible, it can be beneficial to meet in person. On Point Executive Center offers Tampa meeting rooms in a beautiful waterfront setting for professionals in the area, in addition to a variety of other business offerings, such as virtual assistant services and notary services. 

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