This Thanksgiving, We’re Thankful to Be Entrepreneurs!

Last week we went to our Facebook page to pose a question. We wrote, “As we approach Thanksgiving…We’re curious: What is it about being an entrepreneur that makes you thankful?” Unsurprisingly, some wonderful answers came in. Check them out below and then after you think of why you’re thankful to be an entrepreneur, head HERE to share the reasons you too are thankful this Thanksgiving to work for yourself!

Krayl Funch of An Appealing Plan: I am thankful for the ability to work while I am traveling! My office can be in FL one day, NYC another and SF the next week!

Heather Filipowicz of Sassy Inspiration: I’m thankful that I can be a more present Mom while working with entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Robert Yaniz Jr. I’m thankful to have the freedom to design my own lifestyle and schedule. Before I entered the freelance world, I forgot what it felt like to be in control of my own life. Best. Decision. Ever.

Grant Bull: I’m thankful to make my own hours, my own salary and my own rules! #thankfultobetheboss!

Vicki Goonen of Beach Angel Weddings: I am thankful for all the freedom I have working at home. yes I work hard for myself, but that is the best part for myself!! I turn down my phone and spend quality time with 19th month old grandson and my daughter. It is such joy each day. I can plan a trip and a beach day. I work hard and long hours and it is soo rewarding..I love what I do for a living…

Nicole Carver of Carver Concierge: I am thankful for all the wonderful people I have met since moving to Florida.

Ashley Grant: I’m thankful to be able to work anywhere with a Wi-Fi signal. The freedom of owning a virtual business is just awesome!

From all of us here at On Point Executive Center, thank you for your support of the past 16 years! Our office is home to over 300 entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses who know the value of working virtually. We are thankful for each of you!

Contact us today to discover more about our suite of virtual office services and to explore our beautiful office space in Tampa. Want to know more about how we can help you go virtual? Click here to learn more about On Point Executive Center!

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