The SBA’s tips for growing your business

Small businesses are America's darlings, and there is data to prove it. A survey by the Pew Foundation found that 71 percent of Americans view small businesses more favorably than any other institutions, including religious organizations.

However, as owners know well, successful businesses require more than well-wishes to prosper. The Small Business Administration has published some of the requirements that small businesses need to succeed:

  • Community impact: To monopolize on consumers positive perception of small business, owners need to show that they are committed to their clients and customers. This applies to online activity as well: using social media effectively can help strengthen customer relationships and build up your organization's reputation. Supporting or hosting events can also be a great way for potential customers to put a face to your organization and create positive perception.
  • Put your best face forward: Having a well-designed logo and name that is easily recalled is more important than many believe. Your logo and name should reflect your business and its values, a task that is not always easy to accomplish, especially for niche organizations. It should also be easily recognizable, and should invoke a positive response from any audience. 
  • Stand out: If you are offering similar products or services to larger competitors, it is not enough to rely on your status as a small business with more personalized service for success. Owners need to provide unique offerings, and make sure the characteristics that set it apart are included in promotional materials.

To make sure your business is setting itself up for success, it is important that all employees and stakeholders are on board with the organization's branding and strategies. For Florida businesses, having an organizational strategy session at On Point Executive Center's Tampa meeting rooms can ensure that your organization is putting its best foot forward. 

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