The cost of ineffective meetings

In most offices, meetings get a bad reputation. If your organization, meetings are synonymous with "time wasting" or "nap time," then you might need to reevaluate your strategy. 

Every office leader or manager has their own personal style when it comes to team meetings. Some like to keep things light and use the opportunity to touch base with their workers, while others simply expect a soapbox from which to relay information and new expectations. 

According to Business Insider, Americans sit through 11 million meetings every day. The time wasted in unproductive conference rooms amounts to a cost of $37 billion a year. In a recent article, the source explored the most common mistakes that lead to wasted time and resources. 

  • Getting a late start. Business Insider reports that approximately 37 percent of meetings start late. Usually, this is caused by a single late comer, which leads to the punctual staff feeling frustrated and disrespected. These emotions can prevent them from contributing, and drive down performance. 
  • Crowded space. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos made famous his "two-pizza rule." According to Bezos, no meeting should have more people than can be fed with a pair of pies.
  • Choosing the wrong location. While your favorite cafe might be a great spot to grab a coffee, the hustle and bustle inside the shop may not provide the most productive atmosphere for problem solving. 

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