The Best Office Colors to Enhance Productivity and Creativity

Have you ever wondered about the effect that office colors have and how you can use this factor to your advantage? Colors have a profound impact on each of us. They bring out the subconscious emotions and feelings that are hidden in every individual. The psychology of color has been used by companies for decades to enhance the moods and creativity of their workforce, eventually resulting in improving the business productivity.

Depending on the type of business, different hues can help you uplift and energize the office environment. But how do you decide which color suits the best for your business?

When the question of “Most productive office color” arises, you will probably end up with the answer of Blue. If you have a work environment that requires the stimulation of the mind, then Blue is the color for you. Choosing this color also helps your workforce to stay focused for longer periods and is often associated with the feelings of trust and dependability.

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If your work needs to be creative, for example, a designer, a stylist, or a creator, then yellow is the color for your workspace. This is because, yellow is often related with stimulating the inner self and taps on the creative side of the observer. The workforce will be inspired with creative ideas and concepts when they are surrounded by a playful and happy shade of yellow.

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Even when displayed along with other colors, it is always the red that connects to the viewer. Red always stands out and grabs the attention of the observer. No wonder it is used in stop signs and traffic lights around the world! Red has enormous physical effects on the body; it raised blood pressure and increase heart rate. Hence, if you need to be physically active, then Red is the color you should go with.

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Green is often associated with new life and nature. Recent studies have confirmed the fact that green color triggers positive emotions and soothes the viewer. It is also the color that our eye sees more than any other color. If you have a business that can make your workforce feel nervous, then surrounding them with a pleasant shade of green can really help.

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Apart from the color, it is the intensity that matter the most. The brighter shades have the most stimulating impact. To have a soothing effect on the body and the mind, go with subtle colors such as pastels. Of course, personal preference also plays an important role in deciding the color of your office.

And remember, ‘There are no wrong paint colors for an office – It all depends on how you use them. If you are undecided…go with multi-color!

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When we were in the decision making phase of the On Point Brand we decided to go with sage green, sandy beige and sea blue/turquoise because our office is located on the water on sunny Rocky Point Tampa Florida. We felt the color pallet complimented our environmental surroundings. To this day we are happy with our choice!

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