Tampa ranks high in cellular reception

Solid communication capability is the bedrock of a successful business model, but some areas of the country suffer from poor reception across major cellular carriers. Instead of sealing the deal, professionals in dead zones may become all too accustomed to asking "Can you hear me now?"

Not so in Tampa, FL, which a new study by RootMetrics found ranks 13th out of 125 American cities for quality of cellular reception, proving yet again that for every business need, Tampa's got you covered. The study drew upon performance data for major carriers, including AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon. The quality of service was based upon data reception, calling, texting, reliability, and speed. The study found great inconsistency across various metropolitan areas and regions, and produced data maps to illustrate the figures. 

"Just as some cities have better infrastructure than others, our comprehensive U.S.-wide testing shows that not all cities are created equal when it comes to mobile service," the report stated. 

Of the carriers RootMetrics tested, Verizon outpaced its competitors with an overall score of 98.2. In second place came AT&T (97.3), third T-Mobile (96.8) and in last place, Sprint with 88.1 points. By contrast, providers in Hudson Valley, NY, (ranked last on the report) earned an average score of 88.5. RootMetrics is an independent data collection organization that identifies consumer-focused mobile performance figures in the U.S. and Great Britain. 

Tampa's impressive showing in the cellular performance stakes illustrates just how supportive the city is to new and growing business models, especially those that rely more and more heavily on mobile technology. At On Point Executive Center, we're committed to extending that support through our office space in Tampa, virtual offices and other professional services designed to boost efficiency.

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