Tampa makes play for national attention with commercial opportunities

As business leaders in Tampa coordinate initiatives to put the city's commercial prospects on the map, Tampa Bay Lightning owner Jeff Vinik has launched a media campaign to discuss opportunities in the city. This year, he has appeared on Fox Business and CNBC to talk about transformation efforts on the waterfront and other business-friendly aspects Tampa can offer for small businesses and corporate headquarters. 

"My message to you guys and to everybody in the hedge fund business and business in general: come on down," Vinik told CNBC. "Spend some time down here in Tampa — it's very business-friendly. We've got a great mayor, Bob Buckhorn, in this city who is pro-growth, a great governor, Rick Scott, who is all about growth and economic activity and jobs."

By using his platform to garner positive notice about Tampa, Vinik is one of the growing number of advocates for the city who see the next several years as a rich period for commercial growth. Development efforts at both Tampa airports as well as enhanced mass transit opportunities have created a progressive business climate that could court companies whose expensive headquarters in the Northeast are becoming a drain. 

Vinik also described the burgeoning cultural scene in the Bay area, with new restaurants and arts initiatives creating a dynamic and impressive social setting. He described attracting corporations as a main priority as efforts to boost commercial prospects move forward. 

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