A Street Address is more Professional than a PO Box

Most small business owners don’t want their home address on their paperwork and emails. Because of this they sometimes opt for a PO Box, but a physical street address looks a lot more professional. By using On Point Executive Center’s corporate address services you get the best of both worlds- a reputable street address and the avoidance of using your personal address in business paperwork. Still think that you’re just fine with a PO Box? Consider this scenario:

A fellow entrepreneur had a PO Box for her writing company and a sponsor reached out to her to see if she would be interested in receiving some products to write about for a fee. She gave them a PO Box address and was promptly disqualified from being able to receive the products for the paid assignment. Here’s the email she received:

“Our firm can not send anything to a PO Box address. Our apologies, but without a street address we can not move forward with this sponsored writing assignment.”

This same entrepreneur had another PO Box issue just a week after that. Supplies she ordered for a huge assignment were being sent via FedEx. The website she ordered from didn’t indicate this so when she put in her PO Box address and paid for overnight shipping she was met with a postcard from FedEx stating that she would have to drive an additional 30 minutes away to pick up her package directly from the local FedEx store since they were not authorized to leave their shipments at a USPS Post Office. The problem? She visited her PO Box after FedEx had closed for the day and the project was due within a few days causing her to scramble to make her deadline.

Luckily she got this project done, but it was close. Can you imagine having to explain to a client that the reason something was late was because you didn’t have a mailing address that allowed for prompt delivery? Talk about unprofessional!

OnPoint Executive Center can save you from a similar fate. Not only do we serve as a delivery and pickup location for FedEx, DHL and UPS, we also have 24/7 access to your secure locked postal mailbox so that you will always be able to pick up your mail and meet your deadlines!

Want to know more? Visit our address services page to see what else we can do for your business.

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