Stay at Home Dads Guide to Entrepreneurship

Last month, in honor of Mother’s Day we posted about work at home moms and how they fit in the work during the day while raising kids. This month, because we realize that lots of dads are trading in the office life for the life of a stay at home business owner we thought we would offer up some tips for work at home dads just in time for Father’s Day.

Step 1 Choose the business you will create. Some people believe you should let your passion guide you whereas others believe you should start a business that will actually make money. Your best option is likely a blend of both.

Step 2 Decide how you will plan your work days. Like our post on fitting in the work for stay at home moms, stay at home dads will need to find ways to fit in the work too. If your work will require you to leave the home occasionally you will also need to plan for who will watch the kids while you are out?

Step 3 Get your significant other on board. It’s always easier to make plans when your spouse knows what you are thinking. Perhaps they can give you ideas you wouldn’t have thought of to make things easier/ more efficient. They could also work with you on the timeline of your work days. You could even develop a trade off of parenting duties where you work on your business in the morning and take care of the kids at night while your significant other takes care of the kids in the morning and works on their business at night.

Step 4 Technology is your friend. With the latest technology you can literally work anywhere anytime. Work is no longer done just when you are at the office sitting at your desk. Utilize remote desktop, cloud computing, video conferencing and messaging to its fullest potential.

Step 5 Launch the business, make a boat load of cash and live happily ever after. Sure, this is the fairy tale version of the story and there will likely be a lot of hustle in between the wins, but when things get rough, and they will, remember the reason you chose to be a work at home dad in the first place!

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