Side Hustles to Stay in the Black

The uncertainty that comes with being a small business owner can often be frustrating and one of the frightening uncertainties is income. Unfortunately, no matter how much planning you do, no matter how many systems you put in place or how much hustle you give the reality is that there could be months where you are in the negative financially. To keep from dipping too deep into the red some small business owners use side hustles to stay in the black. If income looks scarce for you here are some ideas you can use to make some fast cash and avoid the red:

Sell your gold: You can collect broken or unwanted gold jewelry from family and friends to sell for cash. Jewelry stores often post a sign in their window if they pay cash for gold. And yes, even the broken pieces are of value.

Pick up odd jobs on Craigslist: You could help move furniture, help paint a wall, photograph a random event, write a jingle, run to the grocery store for someone- the possibilities are endless.

Flip books and other objects from thrift stores: Did you know that some thrift stores sell textbooks that you could turn around and sell online? You could easily score some textbooks for a few dollars and make a pretty penny. Of course, this is easiest to do when school semesters are about to begin. You could also pick up random items that you think are worth money and then sell them on eBay or some other auction site. Some crafty people have even found vintage items at thrift stores and sold them on Etsy.

Give some businesses a referral: Some businesses offer a referral fee for every customer you send their way. If you have a large network of people you could simply try connecting them with businesses you think they would be interested in working with and get compensated for those connections.

Do some surveys or market research studies: There are legitimate websites that pay you for your opinion. Check out some of them here. Locally in Tampa Bay you can sign up with companies like Herron Group and Plaza Research to do in person market research studies as well.

Donate plasma: Said to be similar to the feeling of donating blood, plasma donors are often compensated for their donation.

Sell some stuff: If you have DVDs, old phones, CDs, junk jewelry and other odds and ends sitting around collecting dust you could sell it to pawn shops, websites, consignment stores and more.

Sell some “gigs” on Fiverr: You can post all kinds of gigs on Fiverr.com to rack up some simple $5 payments. You’ll clear about 80% of what you charge for everything from logo design to voice overs, jingle writing to youtube videos.

Post tasks you are willing to do for money locally on Craigslist and social media pages: Holiday decorating (think hanging Christmas lights), organizing, shopping, babysitting, even picking up someone’s dry cleaning- the possibilities are endless!

Want even more ideas? Check out this awesome list from Side Hustle Nation!

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