Showing your VAs Appreciation this Admin Appreciation Day

Admin Appreciation Day is April 22, 2015 (Wednesday, April 27 in 2016 and Wednesday, April 26 in 2017) and just because your virtual assistants don’t work in the office side by side with you doesn’t mean you can’t show them a little appreciation. Here are some of our ideas to show your VAs how much they mean to you:

Send them an e-gift certificate for their favorite coffee shop. Whether they love Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts there’s no denying they’ll love a sweet caffeine fix from you!

Buy them a magazine or movie subscription. Perhaps you and your VA have been working together so long you know just what they like. Gift them a year of Netflix or a subscription to one or two of their favorite magazines as a monthly reminder of your appreciation.

Have flowers or a treat delivered to their door. Whether your VA likes toffee, edible arrangements, or just a vase of beautiful flowers there are countless delivery options out there to show them some love.

Write a testimonial for their website and give them a bonus. Adding a few extra dollars to their paycheck is sure to please, but the heartfelt testimonial will not only fill your VA with warm fuzzies, it could help them get additional work.

Buy them lunch. Mail them a card with a gift certificate to a great eatery in their part of town.

Treat them to a night on the town with you. This is what we’re doing because at On Point Executive we celebrate Admin Appreciation Day too! In fact, what we’re taking the staff and their spouses to Maggiano’s Little Italy in Tampa on Friday night as our way of saying thanks for all they do for On Point.

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