Should you Periscope in Your Business?

If you have been living on a remote island for the past several months you may not have heard about the new live streaming app known as Periscope. Essentially, Periscope is an app that allows you to see the world through the eyes of another person. You can watch a sunrise in Japan in real time while sitting on a beach watching the sunset in Tampa. You can watch a glass blower take a molten glob of goo and blow it into a one of a kind bowl that would even impress the likes of Chihuly. You could even watch a gourmet chef prepare a feast and take notes of everything she is doing in an effort to replicate the process.

Business owners world wide are already jumping on the Periscope bandwagon in an effort to connect with their customers and potential customers giving them a behind the scenes look at what goes on in their businesses. So, should you be Periscoping in your business? For now at least it would seem, the answer is a resounding YES! Here’s just three reasons why:

You get to engage in real time.

No matter where your clients are in the world they can see you and what you are doing at the moment you are doing it. They can comment and ask questions potentially giving you ideas and landing you more sales.

It humanizes your business.

People want to know who they are working with and in this digital age where meetings are handled via email and sales pitches aren’t even done in the same room, it’s easy to forget that business owners and customers are real people. Periscope reminds people that they are working with a person- not a bot.

You can do demos, tutorials, Q&As and more.

There are so many possibilities when you break down the barrier of not being able to see what it is a company does.

Are you Periscoping in your business? If not, perhaps you should be.

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