September is Classical Music Month

Not only is September “Better Breakfast Month,” it’s also Classical Music Month and to celebrate we thought we’d share just a few of the benefits you can enjoy by listening to classical music.

It improves creativity – Listening to classical music at a moderate level stimulates the brain and gets those creative juices flowing.

It improves memory – Those same neurons that get fired up causing our creativity to flow freely also help us to learn and retain knowledge. Something about those soothing tones improves cognitive function and allows us to understand what may otherwise feel too complex to grasp. In fact, it is said that if you are studying for a test and you listen to classical music you will complete your test faster and with higher accuracy than if you studied in silence.

It lowers blood pressure and relieves stress – Several studies have shown that just listening for 20 to 30 minutes can significantly reduce post-systolic blood pressure levels as well as anxiety, depression and stress.

It improves your quality of sleep – Because you’re in a more relaxed state when listening to classical music you are able to drift to sleep faster than you would with ambient noise, white noise or even no sounds at all.

It improves your self esteem and your ability to communicate with others – Listening to classical music makes people more honest perhaps because they are more at ease. Listening also increases levels of happiness and therefore translates into feelings of being surer of yourself thereby raising your self esteem.

Classical Music Month began with a proclamation issued by President Clinton in 1994. If you’re feeling like you are in a creative funk or just feeling low, maybe classical music is just what you need to revive yourself. Just as an experiment, search for classical music on Youtube and leave it playing at a moderate level in the background. Who knows? You may have your most productive and stress free day of work yet!

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