September is Better Breakfast Month

You know the saying, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” and yet many people still don’t eat breakfast in the mornings. Not only does eating a balanced breakfast help you improve performance during the day, it improves your strength and endurance, lowers cholesterol levels and helps you maintain a good metabolism. If you fall into this category of non-breakfast eaters because you don’t have time for it you’re in luck! September was somehow dubbed “Better Breakfast Month” and we’ve got a bunch of quick and easy breakfast ideas that you can consider so you won’t skip this crucial meal anymore!

1. Ham, Egg and Cheese Freezer Sandwiches

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With this recipe, you’ll make a bunch of sandwiches ahead of time and then freeze them. Then, on those busy mornings throw one in the microwave and eat it on the go. Quick, easy, yummy! Don’t like ham? Use sausage patties instead.

As an alternative to sandwiches you could also do a big batch of freezer sausage and egg burritos with a recipe like this one. If you don’t like sausage you could swap for bacon pieces.

2. Greek yogurt and fruit.

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No prep ahead of time, just grab a 3 or 6 oz container of Greek Yogurt and throw in some of your favorite fruit. Some people even mix in some honey to sweeten it up.

3. Make ahead instant oatmeal packs.

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Instead of paying extra money for small containers of processed oatmeal why not take this idea:

Get a package of disposable or even several reusable coffee mugs and fill them with instant oats and dehydrated fruits and spices. Then, in the morning add your hot water, stir and voila! A fast warm breakfast that tastes better than that prepackaged stuff ever could!

4. A power smoothie

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Like the Greek yogurt and fruit idea this doesn’t need much prep ahead of time, although you could create smoothie packets that you keep in the freezer like this to save even more time in the mornings. You don’t have to stick to fruit either. PopSugar has a bunch of recipes for smoothies with ingredients like chocolate, peanut butter and even vegetables. Check them out here.

Want even more ideas for quick, easy and yummy breakfasts on the go? We’ve got you covered! Check out this list of 28 Breakfast Ideas!

Still struggling with time to make your own breakfast? No problem! You can always stop by Starbucks located across the street from On Point Executive Center or visit our onsite eatery – Mary’s Cafe where they will make your breakfast to order!

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