Raising Office Morale by Celebrating Obscure Holidays

One of the best ways to raise morale around the office is with holiday festivities.

Over the years, we’ve discussed creative ideas to celebrate each of the traditional holidays with coworkers and virtual office tennants. Most professionals have come to expect the same routine celebrations each year for various holidays: wreaths and lights around Christmas, chocolate on Halloween and Valentine’s Day and no work on national holidays like Presidents Day and Columbus Day. While these traditions lend themselves to great fun and community around the office, there are thousands of obscure holidays you could factor into your virtual office calendar.

For example, June 7 is Chocolate Ice Cream Day, August 13 is National Lefthanders Day and February 16 is Innovation Day. Days of the Year is a site dedicated to random holidays that have been established by nonprofits, commercial brands and government agencies to celebrate quirky, specific themes. Surprising your coworkers with baked goods on National Cream Cheese Brownie day, or putting up a shrine to the lefties on your team, can be unexpected and engaging ways to enhance office culture (and great content for social media might we add!)

On one hand, companies might try to be choosy about what they celebrate, and how often they indulge in obscure celebrations. Spamming your team with announcements about National Cat Video Day might verge on unprofessional, or lead to distractions in the workplace. But for companies whose tried-and-true holiday activities have gotten a little stale, thinking outside the box can be a fun and interesting way to break the ice in a busy office.

You may want to consider ordering your copy of the Weird & Wacky Holiday Marketing Guide to help guide you through which holiday are best to celebrate at your office.



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