Providing the ideal working environment for your teams

Anyone that has tried to get work done in a busy office knows just how difficult it can be. Especially with the rising popularity of open-plan offices, staying on task is increasingly difficult, as now workers can hear every conversation and key stroke from across the room. 

Organizations that promote themselves as having a "fun, start-up" culture are some of the worst offenders, according to Bloomberg. Carolyn Smuts, marketing director for NEAD App Development recalled her experience at one such environment. 

"I worked out of there two weeks solid and got done half of what I would have accomplished at home," Smuts told Bloomberg. "Even trying to answer e-mails there, somebody would hit me in the back of the head with a Nerf dart."

Creating a work environment that fits every employee's personal preferences can be difficult. Some thrive on a high-energy environment and work furiously in small spurts, while others need to keep their head down and concentrate on each task for maximum productivity. While some can make do by wearing headphones or placing a "do not disturb" sign outside their workspace, interruptions can still impact their ability to stay on task. 

Organizations can support their workers' different needs and increase productivity by allowing the option to work from home. A virtual office solution from On Point Executive Center grants organizations the ability to maintain coordination and collaboration without the need for all employees to be cramped into one noisy and distraction-laden environment. On Point also offers Tampa meeting rooms equipped with the latest technology so that your teams can enjoy a quiet and productive space to meet and discuss their progress. 

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