The Case for Outsourcing Your Social Media

With services like Hootsuite, Edgar, Buffer, Tweetdeck and more available these days, it’s all too easy to think that all you need in your virtual business is to schedule a bunch of social media updates and move on to the next task. However, what you actually need is a live person doing your social media for you! Here’s why:

Social media is not a set it and forget it system. True engagement comes from interacting with your audience. When you simply set up a bunch of updates and don’t come back to it until the next time you want to schedule in bulk your audience is going to quickly forget about what you posted last time. Or worse, they might consider your pages stagnant and stop commenting and liking altogether.

The Case for Outsourcing Your Social Media 2

The best company social media profiles are actively posting, liking and commenting back. When someone comments on a post they write, the company “likes” their comment and/or comments back within a reasonable amount of time- think within the same day, not the following week. Customers and potential customers like this kind of interaction. It makes them feel like you genuinely care about their thoughts regarding your business.

Still, we understand that social media can posting, sharing, liking and commenting can be incredibly time consuming. You wear so many hats as an entrepreneur and you might be too busy to do handle your own social media. If this is the case for you, we invite you to check out On Point Executive Center’s social media services for your business. Daily posts, customer engagement and content are our specialties. We have some fabulous virtual assistants here that can handle it for you. Give us a call today at (813) 350-7800, and let’s discuss what we can do for your virtual business.

Contact us today to discover more about our suite of virtual office services and to explore our beautiful office space in Tampa. Want to know more about how we can help you go virtual? Click here to learn more about On Point Executive Center!

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  1. I definitely agree it’s better to engage with fans than to spray them with content and simply pray they comment and share. Outsourcing my social media is totally on my list of business goals. Brilliant post! 😀

  2. This is all too true. Social media has become as important as referral networking but the key to any of it is you have to be present to win. Too often comments are left days without response. These days people expect replies in minutes.

  3. Psychic Nest says:

    This is so right. There is no point of overwhelming your page and the audience with so much information when you don’t even respond to messages or comments. Thank you for the great advice!


  4. Definitely need to outsource AND engage. To have someone who can handle it for you is incredibly beneficial. Love outsourcing because it’s all about working smarter NOT harder 🙂