New Year’s resolutions for the virtual office manager

The end of a calendar year is an exciting time, personally and professionally. It's a moment we can reflect on the previous 12 months and make adjustments that will boost productivity and satisfaction in the New Year. For managers of virtual offices, the holiday can serve as a benchmark to gauge progress and room for growth. Just as you would make a list of resolutions for your personal life (going to the gym, eating healthier food and calling your mother more often) you can also resolve to be a better boss in 2015. Here are a few suggestions for course correction in the New Year: 

1. Assess your staff. Are you short hands on deck, or do you have too many cooks in the kitchen? How are individuals living up to their expectations in the virtual office? January is an excellent time to conduct performance reviews and decide which staffing direction your company should take next. 

2. Reconsider compensation packages. Many employees will base their long term commitment to your company on how appreciated they feel. If team members have been aboard for a year or two, it might be time to consider a raise. If you didn't have room in the budget to provide for vision or dental care insurance when you started the company, you might find that now's the time to beef up benefits. 

3. Outsource the small stuff. Virtual offices may have a simplified model for office supplies and other menial headaches, but you still might need some administrative support in the form of a virtual office assistant. Looking into services that fit your needs, from handling the phones to running virtual errands, could relieve you and your team to focus on the big picture. 

4. Set a physical meeting. With team members running in dozens of directions while working remotely, January could be a good month to schedule a formal in-person conference to set the agenda. At On Point Executive Center, our office space in Tampa could be the perfect base for your New Year check-in. 

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