New Hire Orientation Ideas

Your new employee orientation is a make ’em or break ’em experience, for a new employee. At its best, the process of new employee orientation solidifies the new employee’srelationship with your organization. It fuels their enthusiasm and guides their steps into a long term positive relationship with you.

The first day in a new office can resemble the first day in a new school. When new hires arrive to start their jobs, human resources directors and department heads probably have a routine down for making them accustomed to the standards and expectations. However, these can become stale or overwhelming. Here are four tips to enhance the experience of new members of your team:

Start employees on a Friday. Beginning a new job on a Monday is the worst, and many human resources professionals have learned to avoid it. Use the end of the week, like a Thursday or a Friday, to fit in all of the orientation material. This way, employees return to the office the following Monday with their bearings and optimal energy to get started.

Help out with names and faces. One of the most daunting parts of joining a new team is remembering dozens of new faces and corresponding names. To combat this, place name cards around workspaces so that recent hires can learn who’s who. If your office communicates on Google chat or other web platforms, ask employees to upload photo avatars to make communication less anonymous.

Treat new hires without spoiling them. The expectations you set for office culture in the first few days on the job should be deliberate. Flourishes like a catered meet-and-greet lunch are thoughtful, but don’t go overboard. Keep orientation activities within the realm of what happens on ordinary days in a lively, supportive office.

Think outside the PowerPoint. Instead of overloading new hires with all there is to know about your company in a presentation, arrange one-on-one meetings with people in various departments. By allowing professionals in different roles to explain their contributions, hires will see your business in three dimensions.

Job Shadow. If your new hires role is dependent upon another department or employee, have them job shadow them for a day to see how their new role interacts and impacts this department.

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