Never miss a call with a virtual receptionist

Incoming call reception is an art that dates back to the earliest modern offices. While over-the-phone chats aren't the only form of communication professionals rely on in 2015, it's important to have a first line of contact that projects professionalism and knowledge. Everyone has been tied up in receptionist limbo, when someone on the other end of the line doesn't know how to direct you or places your call on hold for an excessive period of time. Your estimation of that company and its effectiveness might go down with a bad phone experience. 

For small businesses, a receptionist can be a costly expenditure that executives can't quite justify. Here are some of the benefits of arranging a virtual receptionist to handle public-facing communications and customer service:

Our receptionists are local and experienced. Rather than routing your incoming calls through a generic call center in the middle of nowhere, our receptionists work the phones right here at On Point Executive Center. You can rest assured that with years of experience, our team isn't prone to rookie mistakes that reflect poorly on a company's image. 

We can screen your calls. The incoming phone calls your business receives may fall anywhere on a spectrum of priority and importance. By tailoring your receptionist services to your business needs, we can screen and pre-qualify callers. This makes the best use of your valuable time. 

Our messaging system is flexible to your convenience. Whether you prefer an email, text or even a fax detailing your most recent phone messages, we can update you as regularly as you'd like with the latest calls to your business. 

Receptionists at On Point Executive Center can also complete a variety of follow-up tasks that correspond to the needs of a caller. From booking appointments to taking sales orders, our services transcend simple message-taking. Most of all, we eliminate the steps executives take to train and set expectations for in-house receptionists, guaranteeing a professional brand image and the most helpful voice on your end of the line. We don't require a long-term contract, so your company can try our cost-saving, highly convenient receptionist service without making a significant commitment. We're confident you'll never want to go back to answering the phone yourself. 

Busy professionals don't have time to micro-manage each call that flashes across their office line. That's why a virtual receptionist can improve productivity and relieve the burden of handling every call. Contact On Point Executive Center to learn more about our suite of virtual office services and to schedule a visit to our beautiful office space in Tampa. Go virtual! #onpoint

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