What you Might be Doing Wrong on Social Media

You probably already know that savvy business owners have some form of a social media strategy. What you may not know is that there are several business owners using social media incorrectly and it is potentially costing their company hundreds of dollars or more in revenue. Check out our list below of things you too might be doing wrong on social media:

– You’re getting too personal! Posting a picture of you and your kids for the Fourth of July is one thing, but you don’t need to tell all of your fans about every date night, every meal you ate and how little Tommy was potty trained. Save those personal status updates for your personal pages, NOT your business pages!

– You’re being overly pushy with sales pitches. No one wants to see a sales pitch come up in their news feed every few minutes. It’s not only a fast way to look super spammy on your social media pages; it can also cause Facebook to pull your posts from the public news feed.

– You didn’t include a way to connect directly. There are an unbelievable number of social media pages up with no website info, no address and no phone number. Um, how were your customers supposed to reach out to you again? Oh, just on social media? Talk about unprofessional!

– You’re using too many hashtags. At some point there are too many hashtags in a post and you probably know when you have hit that post. #Itcanbehardtoreadyourposts #toomanyhashtags #Enoughhashtagsalready #doyougetmypoint

– You bait and switch. Don’t take a trending topic online and link to something that has noting to do with that topic. When you do this your readers instantly add you to their untrustworthy file because you used a gimmick to try and win their affection. An example that is rampant is on Pinterest- The photo is of let’s say Kim Kardashian with a description of how to do your makeup like hers, but when you click the link you are brought to a sales pitch about weight loss drugs. If you’re guilty of this, please stop. Now. Thanks on behalf of the rest of the people visiting your site and getting annoyed.

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