Links you Should Bookmark for your Business

What’s the first thing you do when you find a website that you want to frequently visit? You bookmark it! Why? Because with the vast number of websites out there it’s easy to forget the name of the one you fell head over heals for. Well, get your mouse clicker ready because we have some ideas for additional links you may want to consider bookmarking for the benefit of your business.

Your favorite business magazine: You might not have thought to bookmark sites like Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Businessweek and Fortune, but you should. Why? Not only do these sites come packed with news and ideas you might be able to use, they are also a great source of inspiration for those times when being a business owner feels too overwhelming.

Your go-to learning website: Remember our recent post “5 Places for Free Business Lessons”? Every free business lesson site that was in that post should be bookmarked along with your favorite sites you normally visit when you need to learn something new. You never know when you will need to learn something quickly and it always helps to have free educational resources in your back pocket.

Score: This 501(c)(3) organization offers free business mentoring along with free business advice and lessons, webinars and workshops that teach you everything you need to know about running a business from legal matters to marketing, financing to management.

Your top 3-5 competitors: You should always be keeping an eye on your competitors. Why? You may learn of an innovative way to do something in your business. On the flip side you might see something that they are offering that you think is a bad idea that you can then leverage to market yourself more.

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