LinkedIn Could Be Your Ticket to More Business

If you are like most business owners you are constantly seeking out new and innovative ways to drum up more sales. One way savvy business owners are finding new sales is via LinkedIn. Did you know that as of the first quarter of 2015 LinkedIn had 364 million members? That’s a lot of potential sales leads! Here are just a few ways that you can use LinkedIn to bring in more clients and hence more greenbacks.

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First, fill out your profile in full. Include relevant information people will be looking for in someone they would want to work with. What keywords are they looking for? If you’re a photographer that does sweet 16s you should have that in your profile. If you are a hair dresser that specializes in wedding day hairstyles, mention that! If you are a nutritionist that only works with athletes, say so! It’s imperative that you are exceptionally clear on exactly what you offer so that you can get calls from people looking for exactly what you offer.

Join groups and engage in them. This is an easy way to connect with other industry experts and get tips from them on what they are doing to succeed in their business. For example, a travel agent should be in groups with other agents to discuss trending topics in travel. You can then use these for blog post ideas and to come up with ideas for travel packages. Some groups even have members who give referrals to other members when they have too much work to handle.

Sometimes just who you know can lead to new clients. Become a LinkedIn open networker to increase your reach. This simply means opening up your profile to receive connections requests from people you don’t know. The bad news- anyone can request to join your network. The good news- you can still decline to allow them to join your network. Doing this allows you to pop up on the radar of people you didn’t even know existed and this could lead to even more sales.

Finally, share amazing content from your blog or other sources and use hashtags. Just sharing information can help you get your name out there to potential leads too. The possibilities are endless. Your LinkedIn potential is truly up to you.

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