Lessons from Dr. Jaime Kulaga

As business owners it’s sometimes difficult to find that work life balance that we need to keep going and stay on top of our game. That’s why we’re so excited to talk about Dr. Jaime Kulaga, PhD, LMHC, CPC in this post! She is the author of the amazing book The SuperWoman’s Guide to Super Fulfillment: Step-by-Step Strategies to Create Work-Life Balance. As a certified professional life and business coach Dr. Kulaga’s goal is to empower people toward living their best life.

Here are five lessons we’ve already learned from Dr. Kulaga’s Mindful Rehabilitation Website and we can’t wait to read her book for even more life lessons:

– “As we focus on what we don’t have the ability to do we unconsciously create a self-fulfilling prophecy regarding how our limitations deter us from moving forward. And, consequently we don’t live the life we wish we had. The reality is, there are millions of people with mental and physical illnesses or pains living every day as if it were their dream. They are achieving goals and climbing mountains. Instead of dwelling on your limitations, you must accept them and create a “work around.” Just as you find ways to work around other barriers that rise up in life, you must create one for what you perceive are your limitations, too.”

– “When you realize that you are responsible for who you are and the decisions that you make, you realize that you are in control of where you will go in life.

If you honestly believe the decisions that you make today are solely because of your parents, your spouse, your work, etc., you fail to understand the power that you truly possess.”

– “If you start hearing the voice of fear get louder, know that you are probably on the right track. Fear only speaks up when it thinks you are gaining the upper hand. If you ever venture out to have fun, even something simple like 30 minutes to yourself, fear will tell you all the other things you ‘should’ be doing. Fear will always tell you that you are wrong- about everything…acknowledge your fears and deal with them. If you push them aside, that is because fear is telling you that you have other things to do (aside from dealing with the real problem). If you are not self-aware of your fears AND deal with them, do not expect anything to change…”

– “Do not make impulsive decisions. This goes for breaking up with boy/girlfriends, leaving a job, firing an employee, investing in stock, anything. When people make impulsive decisions, it is typically out of emotion. Making impulsive decisions decreases our confidence because those decisions are not strong and had little thought behind them.”

– “Many times people do not have the time for breaks during the day. Just because we don’t have time for them though doesn’t mean our bodies are not pleading for a break…what you want to search for are some areas within your life that allow you for quick breaks, but at the same time can rejuvenate you; sort of like that “second wind.” Maybe in the car, you make a pack with yourself that you do not check emails or text…Just take driving time to center…Or, you take a few extra bathroom breaks during work. They don’t have to be long breaks, but just walking away from the computer helps…Whatever can rejuvenate your body and give it a break from the busyness of the day, do it. It will actually make you more optimistic, positive and productive for the remaining hours of the day.”

Isn’t this advice great? We think so! Get even more wisdom from the Mindful Rehabilitation Website and if you would like to Get Dr. K’s book you can get it HERE.

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