Leave the Spring Cleaning To Us!

Take a look around your current work space at home. You may notice that papers are piled up, there are things in your work area that don’t belong there, your kids toys are strewn about and you can’t remember the last time your desk was cleared off. Sound familiar?

There is a saying that a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind. Regardless of whether or not you believe that to be true, the truth is that when your work space is cluttered it can be quite distracting and cause you to have trouble getting your work done. If you are finding yourself too distracted by your clutter, but find yourself too busy with your business right now to organize your office space, leave the spring cleaning to us!

At On Point Executive Center we have clean and organized office spaces ready for you to come in and get straight to work. We understand that when you work from home it can get a little hectic and the last thing you need is to miss a deadline because of spending those crucial hours you need to spend on work trying to tidy things up. The cleaning can wait, but your deadlines can’t. So whether you need the space for a day or several days we can work with you so that you can get to work!

And, if you need help cleaning up your home office consider Sharon Toston from Command Your Clutter. Sharon says, “Getting organized is a priority for being efficient and functioning at top speed. Once clutter is gone, space is cleared for new energy and new ideas!” Check out more of Sharon’s helpful advice at her blog, Tampa Bay Organizer.

Perhaps your office space is plenty clean, but you still are finding yourself too distracted to work from home right now. That’s okay too! Whatever the reasons you find yourself needing a virtual office On Point Executive Center can help. We have short-term, long-term and roaming packages available that are customized to meet your individual needs.

If you want to see how we can help you, call On Point Executive Center today at (813) 350-7800 and let’s discuss your business.

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