Is your business ready to go virtual?

If long commutes are wearing down your employees, and you notice that in the last few hours of the day busywork is draining your team, then it could be time to ditch the office space and switch to a virtual solution. 

More and more organizations are deciding to embrace the technology that lets employees work from outside the cubicle. Of course, for leadership with experience only in an office setting, sacrificing visual supervision can be a daunting thought. However, with the rise of technology that enables constant contact and communication over the internet, keeping the team coordinated and on track is much easier than many believe.

There are also a host of advantages to letting your team work from home. A Stanford University study found that organizations can save more than $2,000 per employee by enabling them to work remotely. If the cost savings isn't convincing enough, research also proves that top performing candidates look for positions where there are more flexible time options.

Not only does switching to a virtual office attract top talent, it can help you retain your employees for cheaper than the cost of a traditional hire. Moms Corp, a staffing firm, found that two in five working adults would sacrifice salary for the ability to work from home. 

With a virtual office, you are also no longer limited to talent in your geographical area. A virtual position can be filled form anywhere, providing a greater talent pool to select from to find the perfect candidate. 

If your organization is currently considering switching to a virtual office in Florida, On Point Executive Center can make the transition as efficient as possible. With over 30 years combined experience in the virtual office industry, the professionals at On Point are available to help you reduce overhead and increase your employee's satisfaction. 

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