Is it time to review your organization’s marketing strategy?

While the internet has provided more avenues to introduce your organization to potential clients and customers, competition for visibility is often intense. Today, consumers rely heavily on the web to find and research local businesses, making online marketing a high priority on the already extensive list of tasks that SMBs must complete to remain competitive.

Online, small businesses must stand out in order to drive traffic and generate quality leads. Having the best product or service is irrelevant if you are not able to let your audience know of its advantages and availability. When determining the best way to increase the visibility of your organization, it is critical to first consider how you want to be perceived, and who you are trying to reach.

For small businesses, there is no "one size fits all" answer to marketing strategy. When developing a plan of attack, schedule time for research of your audience and the messages you want prioritized. Once you have an idea of your customer profile and the information you want them to know, you can begin to consider the best way of reaching out.

There is no point in wasting time and funds in using a marketing channel that your audience does not use. The way you market your organization depends on your objectives. Have a means of measuring the success of different strategies put in place at the start in order to track the effectiveness of different channels, allowing you to quickly change up strategies that prove ineffective.

With more than 30 years helping small and midsize businesses reach their goals, On Point Executive Center knows the demands on the time of the small business owner. On Point's virtual office services include receptionists who can schedule appointments and place orders for you, and even help with marketing campaigns by making custom grab bags, water bottles and other marketing collateral.

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