Is a virtual office a good fit for your business?

One of the most popular benefits that improve employee engagement and help to attract top talent is the ability to work from home. The appeal for employees is clear: no more stressful commutes, more time spent at home and fewer office distractions interrupting workflow. However, many business owners and managers remain hesitant to switch to a virtual office solution. 

Change can be difficult, especially for a young business that is still developing its processes and building a company culture. But if the thought of switching to a full-scale virtual office is intimidating, it could be time to test the waters and see how allowing your teams to work remotely affects productivity and overhead costs. 

By selecting a handful of employees to test a virtual office arrangement, businesses can make sure the strategy is a good fit for their business before going full-scale. It also allows management and others in leadership positions a chance to address their remote management skills, which this blog has previously explored. 

During the trial period, many managers find it effective to have their teams come into the office once a week. This allows for an opportunity to receive in-person feedback on how the arrangement is going, and eases workers into the new system. 

As your workers adjust to working remotely, leadership will likely notice an increase in productivity, morale and employee engagement. If your Tampa-based organization does decide to pursue a full-scale virtual office solution, On Point Executive Center can help make the transition as easy as possible. Organizations can also take advantage of our waterfront Tampa meeting rooms to meet with clients or schedule conferences. On Point boasts over 30 years combined experience in the Virtual Office and Executive Suite industry, and can help your organization find innovative ways to become more streamlined and productive. 

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