The Importance of Taking Time off From Your Business

Entrepreneurs, especially new entrepreneurs, often shutter at the thought of taking time off from their business. Unfortunately, nothing leads to burn out faster than avoiding a little bit of time away from work.  You might think you are helping yourself by sacrificing vacation time to just put in more hours and further along one more task, but in fact the exact opposite is true!

Working too much is detrimental to your health – Constantly hustling, working late hours, getting up early, and going on even when you’re tired – all of this will stress you out, wear you down and eventually make you sick. You and your body simply can’t handle a constant fight or flight stance. All that stress is a breeding ground for stomach ulcers, migraines, heart disease and more. At some point you have to throw in the towel, de-stress and get to a happy place, but you can’t do that with your face attached to a phone and your finger glued to the mouse checking your emails all day.

Your family misses you and you probably miss them – Remember the people that you are doing all of this work for? They need you more than you need a small boost in income. Relationships crumble in the face of absence, so take some time and just enjoy reconnecting with the family. It will put you in a better headspace for when you do go back to work. Check out these tips on how to maximize your vacation while still running your business.

Taking a vacation helps you come up with new ideas – When you are in the daily grind you can often get too close to your business making new ideas impossible to form. While on vacation take note of other companies branding, marketing materials, customer service, pricing etc. Be aware of the things you like, and equally aware of what you don’t. Use this lesson to compare how your company is measuring up in each area.

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People who take time off are happier and more productive – Working yourself to death does zero people any good. You can’t give from an empty cup. You’ve got to fill yourself back up with happiness and relaxation before you can give anything else back to the world. Once you have recharged your physical, mental and emotional batteries you will be more productive than you ever dreamed of!

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